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SimCity BuildIt Hacks & Life Hacks Review

SimCity is one of the oldest and also most popular gaming franchises and of course, there’s a mobile game called SimCity BuildIt as well. Millions of people play SimCity BuildIt and construct their dream city – but with all the time and resources needed to get it done many people search for ways to hack SimCity BuildIt.

Reason enough for me to take a look at the most popular cheats and hacks in SimCity BuildIt top show you which ones work and which ones are only wasting your time.

To make this guide reasonable to use, I divided into two parts, the first one will show you life hacks (tips that work with the game mechanic and are completely safe to be used) and the hacks that require third-party tools in the second part (use at own risk)

Life Hacks in SimCity BuildIt – Make Sure To Use Them

First, here come some really handy life hacks that will help yu for sure.

Life Hack #1 – Faster Road Upgrading

Upgrading your roads can get expensive when you have long sections – and if you don’t have enough Simoleons you will have the disadvantages of blocked roads.

hack for faster road upgrades in SimCity BuildIt

There is a nice little cheat that will help you split the upgrade costs by simply moving away a structure and place a 1-tile road intersection so you can upgrade the road part by part.

Life Hack #2 – The Burger Deal

This one here can make you millions easily and it’s not very complicated. Whenever you see a deal popping up in your city, it is not that random as it appears – very often it is about goods that you have in storage.

the burger deal hack

So, the Burger hack is about clearing off your entire stock and don’t have anything else than Burgers. Go to the Trade Depot as well and buy them one by one and then check for the deals to pop up. Dismiss the ones that are not about Burgers and the ones that will reward you Burgers often enough give you a nice profit, even when you bought the Burgers from the Trade Depot yourself.

Additional things you might want to keep in mind:

  • Burger deals only originate from police precincts.
  • If you don’t see a deal pop up, buy a burger at the Trade HQ, this can reset the deal queue
  • Keep repeatedly buying burgers until a deal pops up
  • If you see an offer for $900-$1000 above max value per burger: Take it!

UPDATE! This is state 2019 still alive and kickin’, however, the deals are now limited to 20 Burgers per deal. Still, you can make a million in a week easily with this trick.

Life Hack #3 – Feeder City For Cheap Expansion Material

If you are above level 20, you will recognize that it takes forever to get the expansion materials to make your city grow so many create themselves smaller feeder cities where they get these expansion materials faster and then transfer it to their main city by selling it to themselves.

feeder city switch account

This might sound like a lot of work in the first place, but it actually is not that much trouble because you only need  Level 7 city and will do nothing else there than checking for new expansion material.

I have written a whole guide how to set yourself such a feeder city (or multiple ones) up and how to transfer the items between the cities:

Life Hack #4 – Buy cheap, buy twice (Services!)

Invest in expensive services in SimCity BuildIt

You will learn quite fast that space is the most precious resource in SimCity BuildIt and developing your city further and further will be a lot easier when you start buying the expensive versions of the services, like health, police or firefighters.

simcity buildit more populationThe reason is quite simple, yet not obvious from the beginning. The expensive versions like the medical facility have a lot further area they cover, so you will save a lot of space that you can use to either place more homes or parks to boost your population (and your tax income) – the more you progress, the more mandatory this gets so you’ll have to buy them anyway so rather buy them in the first place and save yourself the unnecessary costs.

Life Hack #5 – Deal Or No Deal

simcity buildit deal hackMultiple times per day you will see deals popping out in your city – trading some goods for Simoleons to be more precise. So, some of them are really good, others are really bad. SimCity BuildIt is nothing else than real life when it comes down to that 😀

If you see one showing up, do NOT click “Yes” or “No”, you click outside the screen and go over to the depot and see how much that item is really worth – sometimes you can even just buy it in the depot if the deal gives you a higher amount – great Simoleons for little seconds of work is what I call a real life hack!

Cheats & Hacks in SimCity BuildIt – Caution

Now we’re taking a closer look at some hacks that require the use of a third-party tool and that you should only at your own risk.

Hack #1 – Online Generators

You probably have already seen them, the online generators that ask you for your username and how much SimCash, Simoleons and keys you want. Once entered you will see it attempting to connect to your account to transfer it.

unlimited simcash simcity buildit

In the very last step, you will need to verify that you’re human by either downloading a free app or taking a survey or signup with your email address – I personally wasn’t able to get it to work, so I’m not sure if they actually work but you might want to leave a comment below how it turned out for you…

Hack #2 – ScriptBot

There’s one script bot that I found that allows you to automatize steps that you would also do in the game, like start creating items, selling them on the marketplace and visit other cities.

However, there’s no “ready” script to use, you always need to adapt these steps yourself depending on the screensize and so on so you basically do set up step by step yourself.

In the case of creating an item you need to tell the script to open the factory, then collect all items (no matter if they are ready or not) and then fill the queue (no matter if the queue is full or not) and so on.

Sounds like a lot of trouble? It is, you need to take screenshots and convert them to bits to then upload to the script to tell which section you want it to click.

It took me a couple of hours in total to set it up to just produce some nails and you can, of course, take this a lot further to make a full queue of creating items, selling them on the marketplace, visiting a couple of other cities and check for bubbles there (those items, by the way, exceed the storage limit so no worries) and then repeat that all over again and again.

I personally think this is not actually worth it if you look how much time you would need to spend doing this and it will not give you a much higher benefit than checking the game yourself a few times a day to do that in like 30 seconds yourself.

Also, it’s quite easy to fail if there’s a notification popping up it can’t close it and will be stuck, so you need to monitor that script yourself anyway.

I’d rather recommend you to use a production queue that doesn’t need much attention (see some here) and don’t risk getting banned for spending dozens of hours making a script that will save you a few seconds every day.


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